We trust our faboulous DJ-Team!

Benedicte (Brussels/Belgium)


This is our bee Bénédicte, gathering from orchestra to orchestra, suppling nectar to the dancers hive, she will offer you a sweet and

fortifying honey Bomboncito!


Goran (Zagreb/Croatia)


"Tango is one of the best things that happened to me, and DJing was an unexpected twist to it, especially since tango isn't my primary career in any way. But I do feel the music physically and very strongly, and it really moves my body and soul. I try to visualise this whenever I'm dancing, listening, teaching or DJing."







Jens-Ingo  (Brussels/Belgium)


“I like to think of colours and shapes like when you paint a picture. You start at a certain point and let the whole thing evolve. Maybe you tell a story, maybe you are abstract but the most important is that you express something through the music you play”



La Ros (Parma/Italy)


Rossana (La Ros), illustrator and graphic designer in Parma (Italy), works as Tango Dj since 2007. Led by a deep sensibility, she always seeks a right balance between the taste of the ballroom and her musical imprint. Her djsets are full of joy and very energetic... if it was honey it would be chilli honey !