Besos de Miel 2017 | Sweet Kisses from Halle

spring tangomeeting | april 07-09 2017 | halle [germany]

What is "Besos de Miel"?



Besos de Miel umfasst 24 Stunden Tango mit 4 international erfahrenen Top-DJ's. Du tanzt mit ausgewählten und rollen-ausgeglichen Tangueros in einem lichtdurchfluteten Saal mit perfektem Parkettboden, weißem Stuck und Bose-Soundsystem.


Unsere Milongas finden im Herzen von Halle (Saale) statt. Dort wirst du die Gelegenheit haben, unsere historische Altstadt mit vielen netten Bars, Café's und Restaurants kennenzulernen!


Ein lokaler Tango-Imker wird eigens für das Event eine Spezialedition Honig herstellen, mit dem wir uns das Wochenende versüßen können!


Sweet kisses from Halle, 

Stefan OK & the Honey-Crew



Besos de Miel contains 24hrs tango dancing with 4 internationally experienced Top-DJ's. We dance with role-balanced tangueros in a very light venue with perfect wooden-floor, white stucco and excellent bose soundsystem.


We will have a special edition of one of the best artisinal honeys from Halle, which is carefully produced by a local tanguero beekeeper!


Our milongas are located in heart of Halle (Saale) in Germany. You will have the chance to discover our historical city center with nice bars, cafes and restaurants. 


Sweet kisses from Halle,

Stefan OK & the Honey-Crew

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DJ's & Trailer



  • DJ Mary (London, GB)
  • DJ Naoko (Barcelona, USA/JPN)
  • DJ Thoma (Leizig, FR)
  • DJ Markus (Leipzig,D)

DJ Mary

D’agostino’s Mano Blanca was the first ever tango Mary heard when she tagged along with a friend for a taster class in London 6 years ago. She was captured by its relative simplicity yet fullness and from that moment onwards, she has not stopped loving this genre, which continues to be a source of intrigue and charm year after year. She started playing music at her tango home, the I Love Monday practica in London. Soon after she started DJing at some of the local milongas as well as abroad at events around Europe. She loves variety and contrast in a session of dancing, and aims to deliver that while maintaining a nice flow for the dancers.

DJ Naoko

DJ Naoko's music selection is known as '100% Bailable!' as it makes dancers to get up from chairs to dance.  She loves seeing happy faces on the floor and considers DJ as her dream job.

Originally from Japan, she first discovered beauty of Argentina and its warmest people soon after met Tango.  After visiting couple of times, she decided to spend more time in Buenos Aires to explore the world of Tango.  Her love and passion for TANGO naturally led her to become a DJ.  She held the sole resident DJ position at very popular practica/milonga TANGOCOOL! (in Club Villa Malcolm) for 4 years till its closure in 2013.  She has been invited to DJ not only in Buenos Aires but also in many cities in Europe and Japan and already has visited more than 25 cities in the world DJing almost all weekends at festivals / marathons / encuentros / milongas and special events.  After living in Buenos Aires for 7 years she moved her base in Europe in 2014 and now based in Barcelona, Spainand  continues to pursue her passion and actively DJing all over the world.

DJ Thoma

Tango is for Thoma his life's blood. He's a passionate dancer, teacher and DJ, and knows exactly what makes people dance from dusk to dawn: his creativity goes beyond set principles, he has great respect for the classics and has a good ear for unusual musical details. He put together his comprehensive collection of music and his equipment drawing special attention to best possible fine sound quality.

DJ Markus

What is the Q in „DJ Markus Q“? The Q is an homage to one of the most famous pop music producers…a funky one! Well, funky cortinas and tandas with a heart in them (in each one of them!) could best describe Markus Q‘s way of animating the ronda. But there is something more: the collection…which means many possibilities to surprise you here and there in a way that you will love - with great sound! A most fine tango DJ…



21:15 Pre-Milonga

DJ Frank-Thomas (Halle)

5 € pro Person




21:00 - 03:00 Milonga

DJ Mary (London)

15 € pro Person







14:00-20:00 Milonga


15 € pro Person


20:00-22:00 Dinnerbreak

individual solution

22:00-04:00 Milonga


15 € pro Person




13:00-19:00 Milonga

DJ Thoma (Leipzig)

15 € pro Person











Where to...

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Bella Soso

Universitätsring 6a, (Eingang: Kaulenberg),

06108 Halle (Saale), GERMANY

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6 minutes / 550m

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Pension „Alter Markt“

48,00 €

8 minutes /700m

46,00 €

8 minues / 600m

55,00 €

6 minutes / 550m


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20 min / 25km


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