Seminarios & Workshops

The page "Seminarios & Workshops" shows a detailed listing of the topics for the Workshops and Seminarios of our teachers Lorena Tarantino & Gianpiero Galdi (Salerno, Italy) and Michelle Marsidi und Joachim Dietiker (Basel, Suisse). You can book the tickets for participation (in couples only!) on "Preise & Buchung". If you are looking for a workshop-partner please the announcements on Tanzpartnerbörse!

Michelle & Joachim


S1: New favourite figures of Michelle & Joachim, Part 1/2 (Friday 15.30 - 18.30)


Niveau: intermediate and advanced 


S2: New favourite figures of Michelle & Joachim, Pat 2/2 (Saturday 18.00 – 21.00)


Niveau: intermediate and advanced 


S3: Rhythm and it's Variation in Tango (Sunday 13.45 – 16.45)


Niveau: intermediate and advanced 

Lorena & Gianpiero

Workshops & Seminario

W1: Flow and connection in walking (Friday 18.45-20.15)

Achieve density by working on timing and embrace


Niveau: all levels


W2: Rhythmical ideas on boleos (Friday 20.30-22.00)


Niveau: all levels


S4: Boosting creativity: Techniques and ideas to invent and improvise (Saturday 14.45 – 17.45)


Niveau: all levels


W3: Dance Vals: Flow and rhythmic structure (Sunday 12.00-13.30)

How both partners activity and listening make the difference


Niveau: all levels


W4: Dance Milonga: Simple ways to speed (Sunday 17.00-18.30)

How few movements and and a good ear open many possibilities and an effective interpretation


Niveau: all levels 


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