Besos de Miel 2018 | Spring Edition

tangomarathon | april 19-22 2018 | halle [germany]


John (UK)


"A simple man who suffered from chronic tango addiction and transformed into a fanatic milonguero; currently on going a daily high dosage of tango prescription.

John’s inspiration comes from the dancers, he plays traditional tango and loves creating waves in his sets. His music are energetic and intense, providing the dancers to feel the stories and sentiments behind every tanda. Making every 12 mins magical on the dance floor. “Sometimes it is not important what I play, I let the dancers speak, I just help to create the best moment and be responsive. I play for dancers and for dancers only.” 

Eric (FR)


"Also a musician, singer/songwriter and sound engineer Eric devotes his life to music and poetry. He believes that every milonga is a new story unfolding with the music, and every dancer a character in that story. To him a good story is written in the Now, by improvising his tandas so they reflect every character, every dialogue. His favourite quote by Nietzsche says it all “In every Now, being begins”.

Oxana (RU)


"I began DJing at milongas in 2013 and after the first time I understood that this is my way in Tango. I do it with pleasure! For me the feedback from the dancers for whom I play my selection of music has a large value.

In order to create a special atmosphere in the milongas, I play Tangos from the ’30s up to the ’50s, selecting the sequence of tandas in such a way to smoothly lead the dancers through different musical moods (romantic, dramatic, rhythmic…), in this way filling the milonga with gradually changing emotions.

For me the most important thing in DJing at milongas is to see expressions of joy and pleasure in the dancers’ faces: exactly in that moment I am completely happy!”


Olga (LT)


"I started DJ-ing in 2009 in Russia, but I’ve been collecting tango music from 2007 and I still continue to do so. At a milonga, I prefer traditional music, with tandas and cortinas. While DJ-ing, I follow one simple rule - music must keep dancers on the dance floor. I try to create a happy, friendly, light atmosphere. Good mood of the dancers is the best prize for me and a signal that everything is going according to plan. I have DJ-ed at festivals, marathons and milongas in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Norway and Lithuania. Now I live in Vilnius and here I’m a regular DJ."


Thoma (FR)


"sound IS relevant."

Jens (DE)


"Jens is dj-ing for 15 years in Germany and all over Europe at milongas, festivals, marathons and encuentros. In addition, he’s the co-founder of ‘tango8’ in Cologne where he is teaching and organizing milongas twice a week."

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